Bidding Rules

Minimum lease for any domain name is 3 months.
Minimum bid/price for any domain name is $200 a MONTH.
Maximum length of lease is for 12 months .(Contact me for longer term leases)

You will not own the domain name. You are merely “renting” it.

The value of a single additional renter is well over $300 for most facilities. If the domain name you lease gets you just ONE additional renter per month, it will pay for the lease.

Leasing one of these domain names will make it MUCH easier for YOUR storage facility to get to the top of Google search for your city. If you like, we can also help you build your site.

Bidding for each domain name ends on the 15th of the month preceding the leasing period. You must renew your lease 30 days before the lease period ends or it will go back “on the market” and will be available to others.